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Welcome to E Lumsden

Thank you!  

- Thank you for 
having me come to your agency providing federal benefit seminars to your staff;

- Thank you for the opportunity to meet and work with a number of absolutely amazing people; and
- Thank you for letting me see parts of this beautiful country I never would have had the chance to see without the opportunities you have afforded me. 

Shortly after my retirement in 2000, I started doing federal benefits seminars and now the time has come to pass the baton.  As of February 2013, Deborah Hatch has taken over the duties of running Federal Benefits Services, LLC.  I will stay in the background, helping where I can, and will remain available to answer your questions as my email will not change. 

I have been very fortunate to have the opporunity to author the Federal Retirement Guide for LRP Publications.  Anyone interested in purchasing a copy can click on the book link. 


Elaine Lumsden - Federal Retirement & Benefits Specialist
  Elaine Lumsden
Federal Retirement & Benefits Specialist

Federal Retirement Guide 2013 - Click to order.
Elaine Lumsden, Author


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